The XS (3-pack)
The XS (3-pack)
The XS (3-pack)

Duktig Brand

The XS (3-pack)

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This is a 3-pack of the Duktig Brand XS notebook. The XS is the pocket size Duktig Brand notebook. It is great for jotting down quick ideas when you are on the go. A great companion to the Trainer 2.0 and the XL, the XS is perfect for when you have a brilliant idea that you need to remember for later.

Features include:

  • A softcover black exterior
  • Black stitching for flexible binding
  • 48 pages
  • Dot grid paper throughout
  • 3.5x5 inches of writing space on each page
  • Perforated pages in the back

As any coach knows, great sessions can be drawn from anywhere and a break through can happen at any moment. Whether you are watching a Boca Jrs closed session, or walking by a U11 clinic on your way home, inspiration can hit you at any time. Keep your XS near by, and save that thought for later. 

This is where the seeds of great ideas are stored. This is where the margin of victory is kept.

Extra small for excess thoughts.