The XS (3-pack) - Waterproof

The XS (3-pack) - Waterproof

15.00 USD

$12 with Membership

This is a 3-pack of the Duktig Brand XS notebook with waterproof stone paper internal pages and a waterproof cover. The XS is the pocket size Duktig Brand notebook. It is great for jotting down quick ideas when you are on the go. A great companion to the Trainer 2.0 and the XL, the XS is perfect for when you have a brilliant idea that you need to remember for later.

Extra small to go with you everywhere. 

Size: 3.5x5 inches

Color: Black

Exterior: Waterproof cover, soft cover, black stitching, flexible binding 

Interior: Waterproof stone paper, 48 pages, dot grid paper throughout, perforated pages in the back

Note: All writing utensils will work on stone paper, but if you use a pen with water-based ink, the ink will still run when exposed to water. If you are concerned with keeping your XL waterproof be sure to check to make sure the ink in your pen is oil-based. Our Duktig Brand pen is oil-based and most ballpoint pens are safe to use. 

We do not recommend intentional submersion or extended exposure to water on our products. While the stone paper is inherently waterproof and your notes should be safe, the covers of these books are still made of a regular paper and coated to make them waterproof. The edges of the front and back cover can still suffer water damage when exposed to heavy amounts of liquid.