How to

Duktig Brand was born out of a need for ourselves as players and coaches. We needed better organization of everything we were doing off the field (GPS numbers, Instat reports, individual meetings, team meetings, drills to work on on our own, etc...) 
We just wanted it all in one place because it was everywhere, on pieces of paper, in emails, spreadsheets or word documents. And as coaches, we wanted something that looked sharper than a regular spiral bound book and had more features. 
Duktig Brand’s mission is to help coaches and players be more organized, prepared and professional. We hope to do that through both our products and the community that we create.
We want to make it cool again to love soccer and to be obsessed with it. We see the Trainer as more than a soccer planner. We see it as a commitment to a certain lifestyle. 
Ways to utilize the Trainer as a Player
Goal setting
Reflecting on training/games/meetings
Team meetings
Individual meetings
Drills for the offseason 
Workouts (especially if returning from injury)
Taking notes while watching games 
Organizing data from apps and programs (Instat, GPS, HR, etc)
Scheduling using the calendar pages
Teams currently using the Trainer
Canada U20 Women
West Virginia University Women 
Boston Breakers 
Ways to utilize the Trainer as a Coach