Duktig Brand FC Membership (GOLD)

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Duktig Brand FC Membership (GOLD)

Regular price $50.00

Thank you for applying to be a Duktig Brand FC team member and congratulations on your acceptance, we are happy to have you on the team. 

The perks that come along with GOLD membership include:

  • Opportunity to join our brand ambassador program 
  • Chance to be featured on our social media accounts/website 
  • Welcome gift and bonus gift with next purchase
  • 20% off all orders
  • Input on new products
  • Early access to new products

As a member, feel free to put Duktig Brand FC team member in your social media bio and post about us when it suits you. We appreciate every post! You will receive emails now and then asking for feedback on current and future products – be honest!

After you purchase your membership, you will receive your membership discount code via email. You will also receive a welcome gift and a bonus gift with your next Duktig Brand purchase. The first welcome gift will be a prototype for a new product that is not yet available to the public. We welcome all feedback and want to hear your thoughts on our products as well as ideas for new products.

You will also have the opportunity to join our brand ambassador program. You will receive a second "ambassador" discount code (separate from your personal 20% discount code) for 10% off to give to anyone you'd like. Every time this discount code is used, you will receive 10% back. You can put this towards purchasing Duktig Brand merchandise or withdraw it in cash.*  

Thanks for joining Duktig Brand FC! We're excited to have you on the team!

*Bulk sales may be made according to our basic bulk discount pricing sheet (which will be provided). They will not carry an additional 10% discount, but you will still receive 10% back. If you wish to withdraw your money in cash, all payments will be made via PayPal or Venmo (if this is an issue, shoot us an email at contact@duktigbrand.com before purchasing this membership).