Mystery Bundle

Mystery Bundle

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This is a bundle of former Duktig Brand FC trial products, product samples, lightly damaged products, or misprints.

While we feel that all products in the bundle are useable, many of them do not meet our standards for products on our website. Each bundle may be slightly different, but all will include at least 5 items. 

Examples of this include

Notepads - Most bundles will include an 8.5x11 inch notepad with binding that is different from the ones that we sell on the site. These were an attempt at updating the quality of the notepads in general but the quality of the binding was not good enough, and in particular the quality varied too much from pad to pad. 

4-color pen - We received a batch of 4-color pens on which the logo was reversed, but there should not be any issues with the pen itself!


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