The XL
The XL
The XL

Duktig Brand

The XL

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The Duktig Brand XL has more space to diagram and more space for notes. A great companion to the Trainer 2.0, the XL is perfect for when you need the space to think and experiment.

Features include:

  • A softcover black exterior
  • Black stitching for flexible binding
  • 104 pages
  • Dot grid paper throughout
  • 7x10 inches of writing space on every page
  • Perforated pages in the back

As any coach knows, training is not a perfect science. Some days it seems more like an art. The perfect passing pattern, that session that builds on itself, those moments when something clicks inside a player’s head. 

This is where those moments are born. Where the game you watched last week, the game you lost last year, and the comment you heard at training all come together. Where you can create and hone and start all over again. 

Extra large space for extra large plans.