We launched Duktig Brand - and our first product the Trainer - in March of 2017 and were excited to find that there were people out there that had been searching for the same product as we had been hoping to find for years. After adding Session Cards, the XL and Neck Warmers to our product line, we had the chance to attend the United Soccer Coaches Convention in Philadelphia in January of 2018. There we met many of the people whose names we had seen pop up over and over again as we fulfilled their orders. People stopped by to show us their Trainers that were filled with notes, sessions and lineups. The passion that so many of these coaches had was infectious and we walked away feeling more inspired than ever, like the future of the game was in very good hands. 
During the following month, we had many discussions about how we could give more to these people who were working so hard to improve the game. We wanted to learn more about what they needed, give back in some small way, and create a community were their energy and enthusiasm would be fostered. 
What we came up with was Duktig Brand FC. We posted an application so people could apply and once again were blown away by the responses. People wanted to change lives. 
In addition to discounts on our products, our members trial new products before we release them to the public, give input on new ideas, and will be instrumental in guiding us to help build a coaching community based on always learning. In addition, some members have the privilege of a discount code that allows a kickback when purchases are made using it. This code has been enabled to certain members as well as some clubs and professional players. By making a purchase using one of these codes, customers are directly helping to support players, coaches, directors and other members of the soccer community to further their development. 
We have only had one round of Duktig Brand FC applications as we look to build the program slowly and responsibly, but we will open up another round later this year. If you have interest in joining, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media for information when the time comes! 
Duktig Brand FC is a small step in the long journey we are taking to improve the lifestyles of coaches and players and in turn, improve the game. We know first hand how powerful the game can be for people of all ages and what it can do for the quality of someone's life; so we are passionate about the future of the game in every aspect. 
Thank you for your support!
- Tiffany and Adelaide