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The Trainer is Born

Oct 17, 2017

About two years ago, we (the founders), found that we kept looking for something we couldn’t find. As players and coaches, we needed a specific kind of planner and it just wasn’t out there. So with a love for notebooks and a bigger love for the game of soccer, we decided it was time to do something about it.

The past two years have been used to find the best notebook company, the best layout, the best name, the best people to be involved and finally, the best people to benefit from it.

Thus, the Trainer was born. 

We learned a few things right off the bat. There are a lot of needs out there and Duktig Brand is going to be there to fill them. Duktig Brand is not a one-off, it’s not just a notebook, it’s much more than that. It’s a brand that wants to be involved in your process and make it better and easier. It’s a brand for people who want to be great at something. It’s a brand for YOU.

We are starting small. We are starting in an area we know very well: soccer. There are so many soccer players and coaches out there who are detail-oriented. They plan their sessions right up to the last second. There are players who watch and study games on TV, who take notes and write down what they see so they can do it themselves. There are college and pro scouts who watch games all weekend in need of something easy and convenient to carry around. There are many needs for a simple and stylish soccer-specific notebook. 

The Trainer has a lot of perks: a 2017 year at a glance calendar, monthly calendars, blank pages and full-field pages. 

It also features a functional back pocket, black bookmark and black bookbandThe cover has a black matte finish that resists finger smudges, water and stains, making it stylish as well as durable.

The Trainer was made for the person who wants to keep their sessions forever, who realizes that it’s good to step away from technology every now and then, and who has goals and knows that they must plan, act and reflect over and over and over again before they reach them.

As professional athletes we know that it takes a village. We didn’t get where we are without the help of people who gave us the tools to build ourselves, our communities and our teams. We created the Trainer because we needed it, but we are most excited to be a part of your story as well. Connect with us on social media; show us your plans; show us your execution; and show us your successes. We want to be a part of it all. 


Duktig Brand

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