Michael Manthey

AFA Fillies Soccer Club. St. Louis MO

Duktig Brand helps me stay organized, focused, and deliberate with my coaching. It allows me to retain sessions, be creative with new ideas, and track the development of myself and players all kept neatly and cleanly in one notebook. It helps to keep me accountable to my goals of player and team development by ensuring I am thinking sessions and tactics through before it becomes permanent in pen. It’s a tool I always have within arms reach.

Pete Nowakowski

Illawarra Stingrays Football Club, Australian Blind B1 Football team, Deaf Football Australia, Eastern Suburbs Hakoah Futsal Club, Football NSW - National Futsal Championships, Upgrade FC

Duktig Brand makes it easier to organise my thoughts in a logical and sequential manner rather than having a collection of random notepads and loose paper. Plus, they look amazing and are always a conversation starter with other coaches here in Australia! The myTrainer in particular has helped with goal setting, player evaluations, seeing what are the key features of training sessions that players remember, and match reviews. The myTrainer has definitely made the 2019 season a much richer and more rewarding season.

Lora Gralheer

Mercy Academy / Kentucky Fire Junior

Duktig Brand has allowed me to hold myself more accountable when it comes to organizing sessions before practice and reflecting on games and sessions afterwards as well.

Tim Wszalek

Madison 56ers

With Duktig Brand I've been able to take all of the ideas swirling around in my head and put them together in an organized way. I also use the products to reflect on previous sessions. The XS is the perfect pocket companion to take on the field and the XL is perfect for classroom sessions or detailed planning.

David Robertson

Academy Director, Cincinnati Development Academy

Duktig Brand products are a place that I can keep everything organized.  The notebooks are well laid out, functional and aesthetically pleasing, and the session cards are perfect to just keep in my pocket.  I always have a Trainer and an XL with me wherever I go, gone are the days of random sheets of paper all over the place.

Russell Schouweiler

Head Coach, Luther College Women’s Soccer

I have been able to organize my coaching tasks more efficiently with Duktig Brand products. I like to use the XL when I scout or recruit because with the larger size I can take more notes. I love the session cards because I am able to keep them after training and use them as a reference for sessions that we liked later in the season. 

Duktig notebooks have served our coaching staff really well, our goalkeeper coach loves that he has a specific notebook for his sessions.

JP Sousa

Head Coach, Catholic University

Duktig Brand has allowed me to stay organized in a way that is so much more practical and efficient for a college soccer coach.  I have used multiple Trainers (I still have the original) and session cards for the day-to-day or weekly planning, and the XL is where I copy down the training sessions that I most enjoyed and want to save for the future.  But I have to say that the XS is my favorite! Being able to write down notes and keep it in my pocket during games is so very helpful.  And now that the paper is waterproof, there is nothing else I want to use. Thank you!

Anna Tuuri

FC United 2005 (U14G), AYSO VIP Volunteer, AYSO/USSF Referee

Duktig Brand has helped me adopt a growth mindset and given me a safe place to think about my own playing because sometimes I don't want to share this with anyone else.

Bryan Gettman

FC Ballyhoo, Spring Grove

Being organized and looking professional with my teams is extremely important to me. The value in what these products offer is in the simplicity and unquestionable quality.

David DiGiovanni

Abbey Villa Soccer Club, New England Revolution Academy, Mass Youth Soccer ODP

Duktig Brand has helped me create my training sessions, match objectives and analysis  in a very organized and detailed way. The XL allows me to have the space to write down notes and assess my sessions to ensure that i hit the 5 elements of a training session. The XL is the perfect coaching journal for me to self-reflect if I achieved my training goals, what went well and what I could do better as a coach. As a coach, this is how I educate, connect and inspire my players.

Manya Puppione

Head Coach, Marymount University

I use the Duktig Brand notebook to plan out and record the sessions. Putting it down in the notebook helps spark creativity. I also use the notebooks during the sessions to record team training sessions, meetings, game notes, scouting notes, etc. The notebooks have really helped me get organized and keep everything in one place.

Matt Carroll

New Egypt High School

Duktig Brand has helped me organize my scouting and training sessions to plan and provide clearer instruction to my players. With a short three month season, being concise and getting the most out of each session is something we really stress as a program.


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